The Romance of Steam

This morning started with re-tanking the van, taking advantage of the good facilities at Rothenburg. We then moved on to Dinkelsbuhl where there are more towers, medieval streets and an elaborate church. We didn’t stop there for long and carried on to Noerdlingen. We found a sort of combined camp ground and car park which is actually quite good apart from that our power cable won’t reach to the socket from the spot we have, so the fridge will have to run on gas overnight. We don’t yet have a feel for how long the gas cylinders last.

We walked all the way around the city walls, the walkway being complete. 

Then we went to the Bavarian Railway Museum. As we arrived it had just shut but a volunteer was happy to let us in for a donation and we were free to wander. The collection of stock is quite exceptional. There’s a mixture of small diesels, some electric locos including a crocodile and a lot of steam engines. The highlight was the sheer number of 2-10-0 locos most of which appear to be in working order, or nearly so. They are neatly arranged in a functioning round house. Many have worked in East Germany up until the 1990s but others ventured to Russia and Romania.


One comment

  1. Ah – some trains finally. I knew Mark couldn’t resist. Bet it felt special to be there on your own after hours. šŸ™‚


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