Scaling the Alps

30-31st AugustWe cycled up to the bottom of the Tegelberg cable car planning an alpine walk but first we discovered the summer bob sleigh which we had to try out. It’s like a giant metal slide with zig zags that you go down on a wheeled tray with a brake. We had 3 goes each. On his 2nd go Mark went too fast and fell off, he now has a scabby elbow as a result.

After this excitement we took the cable car back to the top and set off on a walk. We wanted to get off the beaten track and certainly managed too as we found a very overgrown and steep decent from above the tree line to the main path. Even though it was little used and blocked by several fallen trees it was still clearly marked at each turn. 

We finished the day with another lake swim and a visit to our favourite local brewery with beer garden. We shared this with an umpah band who were using whips in a musical way and a hen party, much more fun than it sounds and a truly authentic Bavarian evening. 

Today went via Austria to Garmish to go up the Zugspitze on the cog railway. A lot of the climb is in tunnels. At the top there is a small stub of a glacier which we walked in and good views. We found a crevasse in the glacier. It had a wobbly plank to cross it but we were chicken. A film crew were filming a mountain accident scene there. 

We crossed the border a few times at the top. Once back at the base we drove into Austria and are now parked up next to a small lake in a town called Seefeld. Mark has had to affect another running repair to one of the rear lights, a previous hirer of the can has done no favours to one of the light clusters. 


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