Where Eagles Dare

2-4 September 

We have slept in the clouds in Berchtesgaden. It was not that we were particularly high but they were very low; it started raining at about 7pm and didn’t stop until 4am. It was so hard that at the point where we tried to watch a film it was impossible to hear the dialogue. It has cleared up now and we can see mountains.  

On Wednesday we took the boat to Herrnchiemsee to see another of mad Ludwig’s castles. He modelled it on Versailles, but made various “improvements”, including a hall of mirrors that is 8m longer. The ceiling paintings are copies but slightly stretched because of the extra length so they are the wide screen version!

The island’s other claim to fame is that it was where they locked all the constitutional experts in a room in 1948 to come up with the constitution for West Germany.

Yesterday we visited the salt mine at Berchtesgaden. It is the largest in Germany. You go in to the side of the mountain about 1km on a small train. Then there are various caverns to visit and two slides to change levels. You cross a 100m wide brine lake on a boat before coming back up on a funicular railway for the return journey to the outside. Of course they take your photo on the slide, we quite liked ours. 

Today the weather started a lot clearer so we got going quite quickly and went up to the Eagles Nest. You can only drive part of the way up a steep road then you have to take a special bus. To get to the top you walk along a tunnel and then take a gold lift which reminded me of the Bush House lifts. At the top it is quite austere. We got some photos before the cloud surrounded us (but not on the phone so not in this update). 

We are now camped at Salzburg where we are revisiting the city which we know quite well. It seems strange to have driven here rather than have flown. 


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