Revisiting old haunts

7-8 September

I am sat in the Giardino Giusti – perhaps one of Verona’s lesser known attractions, but one that Mark and I both remember fondly from when we spent part of our honeymoon here 15 years ago.  

We caught the train over this morning – just 20 minutes from Lake Garda on a slow train and 15 on a fast one. The former run once an hour for the ridiculous price of €3 for a single, except inexplicably the 11.01. Italian logic? But fortunately we were at the station early enough to catch the 10.43 fast train.

Yesterday was market day in Peschiera del Garda. In need of supplies we walked into town expecting to find lots of fruit and veg stalls etc. But ‘market’ appears to be more Camden Market than Borough, with only shoes, clothes and mobile phone covers on offer. This sparked a hunt for the local supermarket, which having wandered all over town following the few signs there were to said shop turned out to be about 200yds away from our campsite just back from the lake a bit!

After lunch we hired a motorboat and took a 2 hour trip around the lake, taking in the Scaligeri castle in Sirmione and Lazise harbour from the water, as well as watching the rollercoaster in Gardaland. We concluded this morning when we got to the station to find hoards of teenagers pouring off the train and on to the free theme park shuttle bus that we have the presence of Gardaland to thank for the fact that fast trains to Milan, Venice and Padua stop in Peschiera.

From the water, we could see a steady line of bikes making their way up the east coast of the lake, so after our boat trip, we decided to take a cycle along the tow path. The first half was a well laid out path, but after about 2 miles it became an obstacle course of tree roots, gravel and narrow concrete paths congested with bikes, pedestrians and their dogs. We made it the 4 1/2 miles to Lazise though for an ice cream and a pleasant drink by the harbour before returning to our campsite where once again Mark employed his BBQ skills. I was left in charge of drinks and decided to mix some of the rhubarb juice we had bought in Austria with the fizzy wine that we had bought in the Italian supermarket that morning – a concoction we dubbed ‘spubarb’ (spumante + rhubarb).


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