Once, twice, three times a castle

In January we went to Hamburg to Miniatur Wunderland – the world’s largest model railway. It’s divided into areas representing different countries each one containing a selection of buildings typical of that nation, so Italy that is currently being built features the Colosseum, St Mark’ Square and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Switzerland is dominated by Castel Grande. 
Today we have been to see the real thing and its two sister castles Montebello and Corbero Sasso. Impressive fortifications, they are perched on rocks over a flat valley. One could control the pass adequately, so it is difficult to see why they needed to build three. 

Inside they have metal steps to allow you to climb the towers – the wooden ones having long since rotted away. They also house museums of archeology, local life and art… In fact almost anything other than displays of the castles’ history. 

Castel Grande is well visited, but few seem to climb all the way to Corbero Sasso. The view from the top is definitely worth it, however.

The constant rain has stopped so we were carrying coats around all day. We’ve got the train back to Locarno (loco hauled by an ancient electric) and once this is posted from our ‘wifi seat’ at the station we intend to have dinner in Ascona. 


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