Thun in the sun

After Mark had patronised the model railway shop in Interlaken, we drove the scenic route along the northern shore of the Thunersee to Thun. Much larger than we had expected, it has a compact old centre with a castle and some pretty bridges and weirs. The old church has been renovated over the past 18 months and is surprisingly brand spanking new inside. 

The speed of the water through one of the weirs was actually sufficient for two guys to be trying to surf the wave!!

We took the ‘motorway’ from Thun to Lucerne – single carriage for most of the way, it was almost as scenic as the road along the northern shore, but in tunnels for some of the distance. At the far end of Brienzersee the road was suddenly deregulated and became a spectacular pass over the mountains into the next valley before being motorway again.  

We had both said before we set off that we would like to revisit Lucerne and that is where we are now. We remembered where a campsite was and negotiated the traffic to get there. We had a pleasant walk along the lakeside into town where we have returned to a restaurant we liked. We will stay another day or move on in the morning depending on the weather. The forecast indicates more rain but at present there’s no clouds or wind.


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