Falling out of Switzerland 

We have left Switzerland after almost a week. It’s a country we both love but the forecast came true and rain started to fall in Lucerne just after we woke up. We drove north towards Rheinfalls. Strangely the main route both on the map and satnav seems to go right through the middle of Zurich which wasn’t any fun. At least if we’d had an accident insurance would have been easy to resolve there!

The Rheinfalls are wide and although the drop isn’t huge the volume of water flowing over them is vast (at least 600 cubic metres a second). They have viewing platforms right over the base of the falls. 

There is a display about the falls in the castle next to them with some very imaginative interactive displays including a room of singing portraits with moving eyes, depicting famous visitors from the era of grand tours. 

Nearby is Schaffhausen which has an interesting round tower on the city wall with deer grazing round its base. We cleared out our remaining Swiss francs on chocolate!

We anticipated a delay at the German border but other than a zigzag through cones it was wide open. We chanced upon a steam railway with an engine in steam at Blumberg. We have now stopped at Titisee (no sniggering) in the Black Forest. Tomorrow cake is compulsory, along with a decent walk if it stays dry. 


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