Train trip to Trier

This morning, we took the train to Trier – one of Germany’s oldest cities and home to the country’s oldest cathedral.

It has several Roman ruins, including the second largest baths anywhere in the Roman empire – the largest being unsurprisingly in Rome. These are the Barbara baths, which amused us with speculation that it should be where Sarah’s mum goes to freshen up.The cathedral, though 1,600 years old at its core has been added to over the years, such that now the outside is a mish mash of Romanesque, baroque, gothic and all styles in between, which we both found intriguing to look at.

Returning to Cochem, we went to the same wine bar as last night (the main vintner in town) to try different wines from yesterday and decide which of the four we had tried in total we prefer. We narrowed it down to two and bought half a dozen bottles, before going off to find somewhere to eat and promptly deciding that Herr Schleyer also offered the best food in town and returned to the restaurant above his winebar.

Chatting over our meal, at one point we commented that something was ‘quite sweet’ and the lady at the next table replied, ‘Yes we are Swedish’. Until that point we hadn’t heard her say a word, so she must have thought us psychic.


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