The setting of the Somme

Our last two nights of the trip have been in Albert, right on the Somme front line. Today we have cycled around some of the nearby sites. We started with the huge memorial at Thiepval. The number of names of the lost is staggering. They have half built a museum centre near it and this will be completed along with a tidy up of the monument for the centenary next June, it is currently covered in scaffolding. 

We cycled on to Beaumont-Hamel and the Newfoundland memorial. There is a stretch of trench you can walk in here but the larger site was closed for health & safety after the rain. We couldn’t help think that there wasn’t much of a health & safety culture there 100 years ago. There was a very informative tour guide who we latched onto. 
Next we stopped at the Australian monument at Posieres. We carried on from here towards the Lochnagar crater. At this point the only option is the main road with thundering lorries and to make matters worse the heavens opened on us. We made it to the crater totally soaked to the core, but it was worth it. 

Now clean, dry and warm we are heading into Albert for a meal, something the Tommies would surely have loved to do if they could have. 


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