Our European route

The plan is there is no plan, or at least not much of one and certainly not a plan by our standards. However, we have come up with a rough route to start with, so that we at least know whether to turn east or west out of Calais. And the answer to that is east.

We are planning to head through Belgium to Cologne and then to follow the Rhine through Germany and France and across the top of Switzerland to Lake Constance. Then, we are going to join dots – or may be the lakes – heading sharply south-west to Lucerne, then Lake Maggiore, Garda, etc. There may be the odd train trip in Switzerland; it would probably be rude not to…

Then we’d like to travel the great Dolomite road (it is supposed to be OK in a campervan, even recommended between June and the end of September) and through Austria on the Großglockner road.

Coming back across the border into Germany, we plan to visit Berchtesgarten and Neuschwanstein before heading back up north on the Romantic road to Wurzburg. At that point there is a distinct turn to the west in the direction of Trier, Metz, Reims and the French hypermarkets because it would be wrong to come home without out any wine!

Route Map

One comment

  1. Strasbourg is lovely as is Heidelberg if you get the chance. Castle there is nice and in the main street you have to have a gyros!!!


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